THINK BASEMENT for Landlords

Landlords...Letting Agents...THINK AHEAD!
Would you like to increase rental yield? Are you prepared for the 2016 change in energy efficiency regulations? THINK AHEAD…GET AHEAD!

THINK BASEMENT specialises in basement conversions in the private residential sector, offering amazing transformations to existing underground spaces!BED-bubble

With the potential of a Basement to increase residential living space by up to 50%, LANDLORDS…are you wasting a valuable chance to increase your return on investment?

In most cases NO PLANNING PERMISSION is required and with MINIMAL DISRUPTION to your property during works can you afford not to maximise your profit?

To meet forthcoming energy efficiency regulations for the private rented sector, a Basement conversion can result in a massive and positive change in your properties energy performance!

‘It is essential that damp and damaged building elements are tackled before or alongside energy efficiency improvements. A damp wall will transmit heat out of the building more readily than a dry wall, and could cause structural problems and health issues for tenants’.

- The British Property Federation (2013)

 A basement conversion undertaken by THINK BASEMENT will always meet the required building regulations for habitation, and always include the following energy performance features:


  • Water-proofed and thermally insulated concrete floor
  • Internal Solid Wall insulation
  • Central Heating insulation
  • Suspended Floor thermal insulation
  • Active air ventilation systems 
  • Low energy consumption lighting and water maintenance systems
  • High-performance double or triple glazed windows/doors 



THINK BASEMENT are able to offer services that can be applied to any part of a property:


  • Internal Solid Wall Insulation (InSWI)
  • External Solid Wall Insulation (ExSWI)
  • Solid or Suspended floor insulation
  • Damp-proofing  including Direct Injection, Cavity drained membranes and Cementitious (Render-based) waterproofing. 

Check out our BLOG article for more information about the benefits of our basement conversions for landlords and the private rental sector.


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