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Going Underground…

Basement conversions: The new underground movement.


At THINK BASEMENT we’re passionate about helping you improve your quality of living. Whether you want a comfortable, cosy living space, or a luxury, high-spec entertainment room, we’ll help you create something simply fantastic!

We’ve all heard about the housing crisis in the UK, not enough new homes being built, average house prices rocketing way beyond comparative average earnings and a mortgage drought unless you can produce a hefty 40% deposit!

As a result of this many UK homeowners are opting to extend their homes and there is an increasing desire among property owners to make use of previously uninhabitable basement space.

Why should you convert your basement into a fantastic living space?  Steve Hodgson, Chief Executive Officer of the Property Care Association said: “Basement conversions provide meaningful and useful space, transforming previously uninhabitable damp basements into an attractive and dry area suitable for a number of uses, such as an indoor gym, office, additional bedroom, dining area or even for storage.”

At Think Basement we focus on our ‘Golden Three’ rules for basement conversions:

  1. Space – A basement conversion can enlarge the floor space of a two-storey property by up to 50 per cent, without increasing the footprint of the building!


  1. Quality of Living – We aim to identify the fundamental reason that you want to make use of that wasted space under your feet, if you tell us that you need more space to accommodate a growing family we will make this our focus.


  1. Value & Investment – Ensuring that all basement conversions meet UK building regulations means that your home will be meeting its full value potential. An ideal option for landlords wanting to maximise rental yield by adding extra bedrooms to a property.

Your home, working for you…

Below-ground space has a great versatility due to its often generous proportions and ‘blank canvas’ potential. The advent of home-working has led to home owners looking for more flexibility to allow a work-life balance that focuses on how they use space and having the ability to incorporate their business needs into a residential environment. The very nature of basement space means that these two aspects can be separated when required, allowing the transition between home and office to be as complete as required.

Doing it for the kids…

Alternatively, basement space can be incorporated directly into the existing home to form valuable additional living accommodation, whether generic or specified to a particular purpose. Popular options include room for kids to play to stop the house-wide takeover by toys and brightly coloured plastic! Basement entertaining can be versatile and the popularity of home cinemas and media rooms directly reflects the explosion in technology available to the average consumer. Whereas gaming consoles were once the domain of teenagers, the integration of on-line gaming and web-based movie streaming services has fuelled a revolution in the way we interact with the technology in our homes. Purpose crafted environments help to make the most of these pursuits and the inherent sound-proofing and environmental control that a basement conversion offer is perfect for the job!

A solid foundation…

Although the eventual use of a converted basement varies massively from project to project, the first steps taken are always the same. Following initial contact from a home-owner interested in the potential of using their underground space, we ensure that a full and comprehensive technical, structural and environmental survey is undertaken. We strive to ensure that the customer is provided with all of the information that they need to allow them to make a sound and informed decision about the way in which a project will proceed. We work closely with specialist contractors and designers to provide the customer with a full scheme-of-works before any mention of finances to ensure that the proposed plan is exactly as requested and the subsequent quotation is as accurate and comprehensive as is possible.

Any questions…?

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If you or someone you know has a space under their home that they would like to explore, we encourage any method of contact, you can find us via our website ( or connect with us using social media such as twitter (@ThinkBasement) or on Facebook ( We welcome requests for home visits, general queries about basement conversions or informal chats about the funky and inspired ideas that you have for your basement!

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